Sarah’s Sunlounger Spanking

Sarah gets spanked outdoors while she sunbathes for having sex in public

All spanking scenes are not alike! What makes a spanking good can be the people in the scene, the story, the action, or as in this case, a combination of all three…

In this update our favourite British MILF, Sarah, is getting an outdoors spanking for being a slut. As you may know, Sarah has a knack for getting herself into trouble. Not only has she been caught red-handed but she’s more than happy, even triumphant, to say what exactly she did in graphic detail. The blonde lady in the tight, black catsuit is less than impressed and is perhaps more than a little annoyed. She makes Sarah rub her own pussy as she slaps her bare bottom on the sunlounger.

If the weather had been perfect for sunbathing earlier that day, it’s getting a little late and the sun is setting. You could say that it is getting a little chilly. When Sarah is made to remove her bikini completely and take her spanking on all fours you can see how long her nipples have become in the cold air.

The spanker is very firm and feisty. The blonde MILF is busty and the tight black catsuit is unzipped down to her full bosom, giving us a very nice view of her cleavage as she mercilessly spanks naked Sarah. The spanking is hard and firm, with plenty of disgusted lecturing from the strict lady in the catsuit.

If you like hapless, nympho, Sarah then this update is a must-see. And, of course, you can also see the first part where she is doing what she is getting spanked for!

Spanking Sarah


Northern Spanking

When it comes to British Spanking many will tell you that the number one website out there is Northern Spanking. They are definitely the website that all the spanking models want to work for because of their love of spanking and the care and attention they give to all the ladies. There are plenty of spanking models who do scenes for Northern but no-one else, so aswell as having beautifully crafted scenes with hard punishments in sexy, domestic locations, they also get to discipline British babes you won’t have seen on any other websites.

Here are some photos from some recent movies. On the website each spanking scene comes in easily downloadable parts and has plenty of large photos.

This photo is of Kali Redmond kneeling over her bed, resting on a pile of pillows while Paul Kennedy punishes her bottom with the leather strap. In the photo she is wearing pyjamas but in the movie “Not Finished With You Yet, Young Lady” it is not too long before those pyjama bottoms and her big, white bottom is spanked further, making it nice and rosy red.

Paul Kennedy uses the strap on Kali Redmond's behind

Kami Robertson appears in “Suspended & Spanked” where, as you’d assume from the title, she’s getting punished by Stephen Lewis for her exclusion from school… By the way, many of the spankings here have a schoolgirl theme but all girls featured here were over 18 at the time of filming. The same goes for all websites featured here.

Kami Robertson gets an OTK hand spanking

Next, in the movie “Indoor Warfare” Kate James and Amy Hunter are two sisters who get punished together for fighting over clothes in the bedroom. Both girls lay over some pillows while the paddle is applied to their naughty naked bottoms…

Amy Hunter gets lead away for her bare bottom paddling

These are just three of some of the recent updates, for plenty more of the hottest amateur British babes getting spanked sign up at Northern Spanking!

Northern Spanking


Thrashed Before Breakfast: Two Sisters in Trouble!

Catherine is spanked OTK while Jasmine faces the wall nude
Catherine is spanked OTK while Jasmine faces the wall nude

Two British sisters Catherine and Jasmine thought they were to old to be subject to getting their bare bottoms spanked or even worse strapped. But, how wrong could they be? On the first morning of the school summer holidays both girls found themselves in a lot of trouble for being out up to no good the night before! It quickly became apparent that each girls bottom was in a very perilous position. The eldest sister, Jasmine, had just woken up and when she was told to take of her dressing gown she was fully naked underneath, meaning that she must endure the entire punishment nude. Jasmin was the first to go over the knee. While she was getting spanked her sister, Catherine, who had been fully dressed had to pull her jeans down and face the wall, stood bottom bared until it was her turn to be punished. What happens next is the fully naked discipline & hard strapping of both sisters’ bare bottoms while they lay fully flat on the bench. It’s a very strict scene that is very serious indeed for the two, naughty ladies…

Two sisters get bare-bottom spanked and strapped – gallery

Jasmine lies down on the bench naked for the strap
Sexy Jasmine lies nude and face-down on the bench while her already pink buttocks are strapped with the thick, leather strap

Sisters Catherine and Jasmine face the wall to cool off after their spanking
Both sisters face the wall with their bare bums on display after their punishment

Watch this terrific spanking movie and plenty more movies of naughty English girls getting their comeuppance at Brit Spank!

Brit Spank


Leia and her Pimp

Pimp Danny Chrighton spanks Leia Ann Woods on the bed

Danny Chrighton is a pimp on a mission, to teach his bottom bitch some loyalty. The beauty and grace of Leia-Ann Woods is in full bloom as she learns a lesson in ho business.

This is a beautiful hand-spanking but rather than pull the lovely British Leia over his knee, he spanks her bare bottom as she kneels on the bed..

Pimp Danny Chrighton spanks Leia Ann Woods on the bed gallery

Spanked Callgirls


Spanking Sarah

English amateur housewife Sarah sucks cock and gets punished for various offences

Spanking Sarah is a newish site I’ve just stumbled across. Sarah is…

A naughty secretary, a schoolgirl, A lady who indulges herself in the seven sins as often as she can. Her reward? Relentless punishment in the form of bare bottom hand spanking, the paddle, the cane and the strap.

Sarah is a tall brunette/blonde, depending on when you see her, who is English and is often getting herself into trouble, knowing that every time her misdemeanors will lead to a very firm punishment. She gets long, hard over the knee spankings and severe canings but mixed in with all the strict discipline Sarah gets down to some serious masturbation and cock-sucking.

Her website gives you a glimpse into Sarah’s naughty and fun lifestyle… where sex and spankings are never far away. You can even see her curb-crawling to pick up new guys to fuck.. until she repents and the vicar and nurse give her a thorough chastising punishment to clean her sins away.

We also see the lives of other people in Sarah’s town as busty, brunette nurse, Kat, gets carried away and fucks on the stairs… the ruckus is overheard and of course Kat is punished thoroughly with a hard spanking!

See much more of Sarah and friends getting naughty and being spanked hard for their lewd behaviour at…

Spanking Sarah


British Schoolgirl Spanking

Two schoolgirls get bare bottom spankings for playing truant to go drinking and smoking

When two naughty schoolgirls “take a break” from school to go and sit on the playing field and have a little party they did not expect the headmaster to be able to see them. He did! Not only that but he knows that they should be somewhere else and he sees the alcohol, cigarettes and improper clothing the two are wearing. It looks like these British schoolgirls are in for a punishment in the headmaster’s study…

With the punishment barely begun, one girl cannot stop complaining as she’s spanked over her knickers on the headmaster’s knee. The headmaster seems un-affected by her protests and continues to smack her naughty bottom, warning her to keep still and take her punishment properly. The second girl stands in the corner and watches, knowing that it will be her turn to go across the headmaster’s knee next…

Two schoolgirls get a bare bottom spanking for playing truant to go drinking and smoking movies

It’s a classic British spanking scene as are all the scenes you can download at…

British Spankers
British Spankers


Amelia’s Victorian Thrashing…

Spanking entertainment at its best!… Firm Hand Spanking has three very diverse spanking updates a week that is perfectly shown by today’s 3 scenes of three of the top spanking models out there including British spanking model Amelia Jane Rutherford…

Amelia Jane Rutherford gets strapped in this Victorian Spanking scene

Amelia Jane Rutherford is smoking hot and every scene I have seen of her has been very good indeed but I don’t think I’ve ever seen her in such an extravagant, period scene as this. We’re transported back in time to Victorian England where Amelia’s strict uncle just happens to be prison govenor, Sir Matthew. It’s a very hard 30 stroke strapping but something tells me there is more to come for poor Amelia…

See all the previews in this spanking gallery and watch the full movies only at….

Firm Hand Spanking


Christina gets Aunt Edna’s Wooden Spoon

Christina feels her aunt's paddle on her bare bottom before getting spanked with a wooden spoon

It’s time for another spanking for naughty Christina. The curvy brunette from the south-west of England has got herself into trouble yet again, so, of course, her long-suffering aunt, Edna, must make her see the error of her ways. With Christina the only way Aunt Edna can make her see sense is with a long, hard spanking. They’re in the kitchen, today’s hand-spanking leads to a paddling before Christina gets spanked with a wooden spoon as she kneels on all fours on the kitchen chair…

Christina gets Aunt Edna’s Wooden Spoon movies

Christina’s big white bottom gets spanked hard as she lies over her aunt’s knee with her knickers off, the big, hard hand slapping those soft buttocks into a blushing, rosy red colour. When Edna begins to tire and her hand starts to get a little sore it’s time to switch to the paddle and wooden spoon. As well as Christina’s ample bottom getting spanked there is also some smacking of her tender thighs, to bring a fresh sensation of shock to poor Christina.

It’s another nice episode in the continuing education of a naughty girl at the hands of her strict aunt. Watch all the movies at…

Spank Christina


More Amelia Jane…

When a sweet English student finds herself, through certain circumstances, in a strict American household the result can be painful and fantastic to watch. Here, English Amelia Jane Rutherford is in trouble with her American aunt, Clare Fonda. Amelia looks smoking hot, while she is a university-age student it seems that she’s having to wear a uniform, that short, tartan skirt and thigh-high socks show off her cute bottom and long legs. It’s an incredible spanking scene and these photos are very nice indeed, I especially like some of the different angles of Amelia’s bottom and some of Clare’s stern faces…

It's clear that Amelia Jane Rutherford has got herself into trouble again

Regulation knickers must be removed for this spanking

Not only does the strict aunt bare Amelia’s bottom for a hard OTK spanking but this stickler for discipline reaches for her hairbrush as well and gives the naughty niece’s buns a good beating…

Amelia drapes herself over Clare's knee for a hard hand spanking on the bare

Clare Fonda spanks her bare bottom with the hairbrush

This scene is a very welcome “English spanking” movie that can be seen only at…

Clare Fonda's Girl Spanks Girl website


Sasha Harvey gets a Riding Crop Thrashing

Sasha Harvey gets a Riding Crop Thrashing from Lady Sonia

Sasha Harvey is a pretty UK babe with a big, round bottom. That white arse may be the colour of lilies but it is soon going to be painted with crimson stripes as Lady Sonia sets about her generous posterior with the vicious riding crop. The strict and busty disciplinarian, Lady Sonia, waltzes around Sasha as she kneels down on all fours in her post lingerie awaiting her punishment. After a few adjustments the spanking begins as Sonia does not spare the crop on naughty Sasha’s rear. After the sharp and painful lashes of the riding crop she turns her attention to getting that lovely big bottom a rosy red colour all over so Sonia, big breasts heaving out of her tight top, bends over and gives her a good hand slapping across her bum.

Sasha Harvey gets a Riding Crop Thrashing movie clips

The strict English Mistress maybe dressed for work from the waist down, wearing her tall, thigh-high black boots, but her top half is dressed to impress with a revealing black top and, of course, an expensive gold necklace. This shows two aspects of Lady Sonia. On the one hand she is very rich and glamourous and on the other she believes in getting very “hands-on” with her workforce..

It’s a nice update from Lady Sonia’s new English spanking website…

Punishment Bitch