British Schoolgirl Spanking

Two schoolgirls get bare bottom spankings for playing truant to go drinking and smoking

When two naughty schoolgirls “take a break” from school to go and sit on the playing field and have a little party they did not expect the headmaster to be able to see them. He did! Not only that but he knows that they should be somewhere else and he sees the alcohol, cigarettes and improper clothing the two are wearing. It looks like these British schoolgirls are in for a punishment in the headmaster’s study…

With the punishment barely begun, one girl cannot stop complaining as she’s spanked over her knickers on the headmaster’s knee. The headmaster seems un-affected by her protests and continues to smack her naughty bottom, warning her to keep still and take her punishment properly. The second girl stands in the corner and watches, knowing that it will be her turn to go across the headmaster’s knee next…

Two schoolgirls get a bare bottom spanking for playing truant to go drinking and smoking movies

It’s a classic British spanking scene as are all the scenes you can download at…

British Spankers
British Spankers

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  1. Mark Says:

    I can’t think of two more deserving young ladies of a good OTK spanking as these two.

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