Sasha Harvey gets a Riding Crop Thrashing

Sasha Harvey gets a Riding Crop Thrashing from Lady Sonia

Sasha Harvey is a pretty UK babe with a big, round bottom. That white arse may be the colour of lilies but it is soon going to be painted with crimson stripes as Lady Sonia sets about her generous posterior with the vicious riding crop. The strict and busty disciplinarian, Lady Sonia, waltzes around Sasha as she kneels down on all fours in her post lingerie awaiting her punishment. After a few adjustments the spanking begins as Sonia does not spare the crop on naughty Sasha’s rear. After the sharp and painful lashes of the riding crop she turns her attention to getting that lovely big bottom a rosy red colour all over so Sonia, big breasts heaving out of her tight top, bends over and gives her a good hand slapping across her bum.

Sasha Harvey gets a Riding Crop Thrashing movie clips

The strict English Mistress maybe dressed for work from the waist down, wearing her tall, thigh-high black boots, but her top half is dressed to impress with a revealing black top and, of course, an expensive gold necklace. This shows two aspects of Lady Sonia. On the one hand she is very rich and glamourous and on the other she believes in getting very “hands-on” with her workforce..

It’s a nice update from Lady Sonia’s new English spanking website…

Punishment Bitch

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