Spanking Christina

English Christina gets a bare bottom spanking with the leather paddle over the kitchen table

Christina is one of those English girls that needs to be disciplined. She is always getting herself and her girlfriends into trouble with one of the many strict women she knows. The punishments she gets are almost always avoidable and are caused by Christina’s stubbornness and/or big mouth. She often talks herself into a spanking or makes her spanking worse than it might have been with her back-chatting.

This is a particularly visually-stunning spanking scene with Christina being smacked and slapped with a leather paddle by a hot blonde. While Christina is always the star of the show with her big bottom getting a good thrashing you cannot help but admire the sexy blonde who is doing the spanking here, nice body and lovely tits, as she swings the paddle..

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This leather paddle does not have the instant pain on impact of something like a wooden paddle or cane but that just means that she can be smacked more with it. As the punishment continues the number of strokes adds up and you can bet that the naughty brunette with the big English bottom had a very sore, red bottom by the end.

See more of Christina’s big, white bottom getting spanked into various shades of red at her website…

Spank Christina

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