Thrashed Before Breakfast: Two Sisters in Trouble!

Catherine is spanked OTK while Jasmine faces the wall nude
Catherine is spanked OTK while Jasmine faces the wall nude

Two British sisters Catherine and Jasmine thought they were to old to be subject to getting their bare bottoms spanked or even worse strapped. But, how wrong could they be? On the first morning of the school summer holidays both girls found themselves in a lot of trouble for being out up to no good the night before! It quickly became apparent that each girls bottom was in a very perilous position. The eldest sister, Jasmine, had just woken up and when she was told to take of her dressing gown she was fully naked underneath, meaning that she must endure the entire punishment nude. Jasmin was the first to go over the knee. While she was getting spanked her sister, Catherine, who had been fully dressed had to pull her jeans down and face the wall, stood bottom bared until it was her turn to be punished. What happens next is the fully naked discipline & hard strapping of both sisters’ bare bottoms while they lay fully flat on the bench. It’s a very strict scene that is very serious indeed for the two, naughty ladies…

Two sisters get bare-bottom spanked and strapped – gallery

Jasmine lies down on the bench naked for the strap
Sexy Jasmine lies nude and face-down on the bench while her already pink buttocks are strapped with the thick, leather strap

Sisters Catherine and Jasmine face the wall to cool off after their spanking
Both sisters face the wall with their bare bums on display after their punishment

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