Spanking Sarah

English amateur housewife Sarah sucks cock and gets punished for various offences

Spanking Sarah is a newish site I’ve just stumbled across. Sarah is…

A naughty secretary, a schoolgirl, A lady who indulges herself in the seven sins as often as she can. Her reward? Relentless punishment in the form of bare bottom hand spanking, the paddle, the cane and the strap.

Sarah is a tall brunette/blonde, depending on when you see her, who is English and is often getting herself into trouble, knowing that every time her misdemeanors will lead to a very firm punishment. She gets long, hard over the knee spankings and severe canings but mixed in with all the strict discipline Sarah gets down to some serious masturbation and cock-sucking.

Her website gives you a glimpse into Sarah’s naughty and fun lifestyle… where sex and spankings are never far away. You can even see her curb-crawling to pick up new guys to fuck.. until she repents and the vicar and nurse give her a thorough chastising punishment to clean her sins away.

We also see the lives of other people in Sarah’s town as busty, brunette nurse, Kat, gets carried away and fucks on the stairs… the ruckus is overheard and of course Kat is punished thoroughly with a hard spanking!

See much more of Sarah and friends getting naughty and being spanked hard for their lewd behaviour at…

Spanking Sarah

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2 Responses to “Spanking Sarah”

  1. reggie Says:

    sarah…i love your website so much..when i visit my girlfriend, we take turns spanking eachother, then we watch some of your pictures on the web. i am 40 years old, and karen is 22 and she loves to play boyfriend and girlfriend before her grandmother comes home, then after granny comes home, she sits on my face while karen gives me a vivious hand job…we love you sarah..keep up the good work..

  2. regg Says:

    Hi sarah, it’s me regg it’s been a good while. Karen and her stepmom moved away and now I have a great new friend I met on the job. Ms. Granny is 69 years old but looks like she’s 40something and we work in the laundry room together and when we have time, she takes me in the basement and gives me a good spanking. Then she gives me a great hug before I get to rub and slap her massive buttcheeks. One day she told me that her butthole was itching her so we went into the ladies room so I could pull open her buttcheeks so her butthole could get some air.

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