Spanked by Teddy

Zoe Page and her teddy bear spanking Alex Reynolds

Today we have a stylish and cute update from British spanking website, Triple A Spanking.

It’s a very nice scene with two pretty girls but the photo above has to be one of the cutest spanking photos I’ve seen. It shows Alex Reynolds lying across a teddy bear’s lap with her pajama bottoms pulled down and teddy holding a wooden hairbrush against her sore, red bare bottom. With the plain, white background Alex’s pajamas and brightly coloured bottom stand out very well indeed. The giant green bear appears to be spanking her very well indeed as she submissively lies across his lap. It’s so cute you could imagine a vintage postcard being made from a similar photo.

Alex Reynolds was on a sleepover with Zoe Page, a real bratty princess who always gets her way. The girls play and have a pillow fight but then Alex said some horrible things about “Mr Bear”, Zoe’s huge stuffed cuddly teddy. Things really took off as Alex was pinned to the floor and spanked by a spiteful Zoe as Mr Bear watched! Then to add insult to injury (or a very sore red bottom) Zoe fetched her hairbrush to remind Alex who was in charge and then placed her over the lap of her stuffed teddy with her bottom exposed and burning red for Mr Bear to have a go! How humiliating! This is a delightful sleepover romp for pyjamas lovers and contains some great banter with good hard spankings you’d expect from Zoe!

Zoe Page and her teddy bear spanking Alex Reynolds gallery

The F/F spanking action with Zoe Page is pretty good too. The brunette looks very pretty as she pushes down Alex’s pajamas and spanks her big bottom…

Zoe Page spanking Alex Reynold's big bare bottom in pajamas

This is Alex Reynolds’ first F/F spanking at Triple A Spanking, you can see plenty more of this very sweet and sexy movie by joining now!

Triple A Spanking


Pandora’s trip to the Headmaster’s Study

Pandora Blake gets her big bottom spanked in the Headmaster's Study

Pandora Blake gets her big bottom spanked in the Headmaster’s Study – gallery

In “Disruption at Upton“, Sarah and her father are visiting England because he has a teaching opportunity. Sarah and one of her new British schoolmates, Pandora Blake, get into a fight which results in their ending up in the new headmaster’s office, which also is Sarah’s father. Both Pandora and Sarah are each spanked, caned, and paddled.

Pandora's regulation school knickers are pulled down and she is spanked on her bare bottom

This is another one of Sarah’s UK adventures, to see more of her shapely American bottom and her pretty girlfriends getting spanked take a look at Sarah Gregory Spanking.

Sarah Gregory Spanking


Irelynn Logeen

Sexy redhead Irelynn Logeen gets her panties pulled down during her OTK spanking

John was quite excited about his latest acquisition to Triple A Spanking as he had tried a few times before to get Irelynn to appear but circumstances conspired against them both with bad timing & such so it was not long before he made up for this & settled Irelynn over his lap. Underneath her shorts he revealed a very cute pair of panties & as he continued to spank Irelynn’s gorgeous bottom it began to start turning red. This introductory film specializes in OTK spanking & as John upped the tempo you’ll see some great facial reactions you’d expect starring the very sexy Irelynn Logeen!

If you like this sexy babe, Irelynn Logeen, who has Dutch heritage but with a distinctly Irish-flavor, download this movie now! You can get this movie in clear, crisp HD and many more quality British spanking movies at Triple A Spanking!

Triple A Spanking


The Nanny

There is an American in town, Sarah Gregory has moved to the UK to study and to her surprise her father has hired her a nanny to look after her while she’s so far away from home. The new nanny is Leia Ann Woods and this strict English Governess believes in doing things properly. We’re used to seeing the lovely English brunette on the end of a hard spanking but here she proves that she can give aswell as receive. Sarah is less than thrilled at the fact her father has decided to get someone to look after her, especially when it turns out that her studies have not been going too well. Sarah tries to brat her way out of any discipline her nanny has in mind but Ms Woods ignores her and instead pulls the naughty American student over her knee for a sound spanking.

Both Sarah and Leia-Ann look great in this very sexy domestic spanking scene. Sarah Gregory plays the crass American role very well, too well perhaps :) , and Leia is the perfect prim-and-proper strict Governess.

To watch this movie in full aswell as all of Sarah’s spanking adventures you can see them all at her website: Sarah Gregory Spanking.

Sarah Gregory Spanking


Leia-Ann Woods learns some respect

Danny Chrighton spanks his new girlfriend Leia-Ann Woods to teach her some respect

Some time ago Danny Chrighton gave his then-girlfriend Madison Martin a break-up spanking after she told him she was splitting up with him in her bedroom. Well, here Madison plays a part in getting his new girlfriend a hard OTK spanking.

Danny Chrighton spanks his new girlfriend Leia-Ann Woods to teach her some respect

British spanking model, Leia-Ann Woods, plays Danny’s new girlfriend who is quite bratty, trying to take control of the relationship early on. Madison is a mischeivous ex who advises Danny to take her OTK in the bedroom and spank Leia with force to teach her a lesson. He teaches her to respect and she is quietly aroused by his dominance. A solid spanking, ending in a romantic sequence on My Spanking Roommate.

Clare Fonda's My Spanking Roommate


Spanking Sarah

Kinky housewife Spanking Sarah getting paddled

One of my favourite British spanking websites is Spanking Sarah! So I was over the moon to see this Spanking Sarah Interview.

Sarah strikes me as being very honest and genuine. She is a lovely, tall brunette with nice long legs and is always keen to expose her white bottom and pretty boobs. Her spanking scenes are very entertaining, the storylines generally have a few twists in them and the spanking goes hand in hand with plenty of blowjobs, hardcore and nudity.

Sarah gives a nice interview. It’s always good to get a little peek behind the scenes of a spanking website and Sarah gives some nice alternative angles on a few scenes for anyone who has seen the scenes she’s talking about. And, I also like the fact that she gets a lot of her ideas from her members who write to her.

Spanking Sarah


Mistress Jemstone

Mistress Jemstone spanks a naughty submissive girl

Mistress Jemstone is a big, beautiful, British dominatrix. From what I’ve seen so far she either has bright dyed-red hair, or she wears brown wigs but whatever her hair looks like she’s always very curvy and very busty.

She is a Mistress and like the subtitle of her website says: “Payback’s a Bitch”. Jemstone does not care whether the submissive is male or female, she treats them all in the same way, very harshly! For the men she ties up and kicks their cocks and balls for added humiliation but that’s the only difference. With every sub she is very strict and stern, she sounds especially dominant with her sharp and deep British accent.

Here Mistress Jemstone is dealing with a cute blonde slavegirl with bunches. Jemstone is wearing a military outfit for added effect and you can see that the whole scene is colour co-ordinated as the red of the Mistress’s hair matches the red of the paddle and the red in her belt and the red of the naughty submissive’s outfit…

Mistress Jemstone spanks a naughty submissive girl – movies

The reason for Jemstone’s “Payback” is that she has worked in porn for years and was mistreated for that whole time. There cama day where not only did she not want to be treated that way anymore but she also wanted to get her own back. Thus spawned her website: Mistress Jemstone! There is plenty of spanking along with whipping, BDSM, masturbation for the slaves, hardcore and kicking in the male slaves’ balls. Not for the feint of heart!

As Mistress Jemstone says herself…

Watch as I humiliate, degrade and completely dominate all these bitches until they wimper like the pathetic little sluts they are. Paybacks a bitch and I’m one fucking nasty bitch who you dont want to mess with!!!

Mistress Jemstone


Spanked by the Salesman

Naughty English housewife Sarah gets spanked by the double-glazing salesman

In this episode of Spanking Sarah, Sarah has a double-glazing salesman round to give her a quote for windows. In fact it’s not really windows, it’s more “window”. Sarah wants one window fitted with one-way glass so she can watch porn and masturbate without having to worry about someone spying on her through the window. This is an unusual request but Sarah shows the salesman what she means by sitting on the sofa and spreading her legs wile he watches her rub her pussy through the window. It’s true, with a little effort he can clearly see the naughty housewife frigging off her wet pussy. He can even see her motion for him to come inside and join her, which he does. It turns out that Sarah is looking for a discount and she makes no secret of her desires as she unzips his trousers and starts to suck on the salesman’s hard cock. Slutty Sarah gives the hard-working salesman a well-deserved blowjob! Even for the well-travelled double-glazing expert this has been an unusual afternoon and it seems that he does not appreciate Sarah’s demands for a discount. He positions the horny housewife over his knee and starts to demonstrate what he likes to do to awkward customers by spanking her buttocks.

But, there is more to this story… just as the salesman had spied Sarah fingering her twat through the window, so her husband also glances through the glass to see his wife naked over another gentleman’s lap. Even though it seems that his wife has secured the money off, he is still displeased with his wife and can expect another spanking once the salesman has gone on his way.

It’s another delightful scenario that sees this nymphomaniac MILF give head and get a sound spanking. Download this movie and many more British spanking and sex movies from Sarah’s spanking and sex website: Spanking Sarah!

Spanking Sarah


Naughty Girls’ School Detention

Three naughty English schoolgirls get naked in detention

Candice, Emma-Claire and Ruby are in detention for flashing their boobs at each other in class. Left alone the girls soon realise the boys in the school opposite are watching them, so they move closer to the window. First they flash them their boobs and then their pert bottoms; finally they turn round to face the window front on and pull their panties down!

Three naughty English schoolgirls get naked in detention gallery

St. Mackenzie’s is an English all-girls school where naughty things happen. Students have sex with students, headmistresses with students; students are disciplined and they play inside, outside, in groups, solo, anything you can imagine. It’s schoolgirl, uniform, spanking, pantyhose, fetish, HOT shit. And of course, the girls are beyond sexy. They go through a rigorous selection process, which you’ll see at… St. Mackenzie’s

St Mackenzie's


Do As I Say, Not As I Do

Andi Switch spanks her daughter Amy Hunter for dressing like a slut

Amy Hunter is sulking after a disagreement with her mother, Andi, about her outfit. She was going on a date!! And if it is okay for Mum to date men and dress like a slapper, then why is it not okay for her? Andi Switch is not going to put up with that attitude from Amy, and she reminds her daughter that she is never too old to go over the knee.

Andi Switch spanks her daughter Amy Hunter for dressing like a slut

Andi Switch is a very sexy lady and one of the best British switches at the moment, as good as she is at spanking other naughty ladies, she can also take a very hard punishment on her own bare bottom. For a lot more from Andi, Amy and the other lovely ladies of British spanking fo to Northern Spanking!

Northern Spanking